Extending Cabinets in Charlotte NC off Park Road

Initially when we were brought into meet this client by the designer we were only being asked to quote on painting the existing cabinets and island. Both my husband and I knew immediately that we need to raise the cabinets and add some more elements to the boring island that was there. When we gave the estimate we thought the customer would never go for it but thankfully she did. My husband order the cabinets from one of our trusted suppliers and had the doors made to match the existing doors. After my husband installed the new boxes on top we knew it was the right choice. We took the existing doors and new doors back to the studio and painted them all to match with Pure White which really brightened and heightened the room

We also noticed what great crown was already in the house so when we raised the cabinets we left room to install new crown that would match the rest of the house which made it flow a lot better. The customer also asked for glass doors above the stove and microwaves so we were happy to oblige. . The Customer also had their overhead light replaced with recessed lighting that really made a difference.

The Island also turned out to be a fun project for us because we added a wine cubby on one side and a shelf on the other as well as wrapping the island in beaded paneling. This really made the island more substantial and functional. We also painted it this great Hale Navy color. We left the door knobs as is this time but added handles on the drawers. This gave it all a very elegant look.