This is a dry brush painting technique that I use allot. Here I demonstrate it on a wicker basket.

  • Dip the tip of your paint brush into the color you want to dry brush with
  • Then dab the paint from the brush(this is called offloading your paint brush) onto a piece of cardboard to remove any excess paint. This is why its called Dry Brushing.
  • Then apply gentle, very light pressure over the part of your piece that you want to Dry Brush. For example gently hit the raised detail on a piece of furniture so that only the high parts get touched lightly with paint. This will bring out the details and add depth to your painted piece.

dry brush painting technique by alicia slayton

dry brush painting technique samples by alicia slaytondry brush painting technique samples2 by alicia slayton

dry brush painting technique samples 3 by alicia slayton

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  1. This is a great video please keep doing them.

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