paint can lid flowers2Made some paint can lid flowers yesterday for the side of the barn, mostly Paint Couture The Collection lids that I have been saving up for awhile.

 paint can lid flowers 4

Before I installed them I needed to protect them with an outdoor poly then figure out how to attach them to each other and the barn! This is so much fun for me, if I could just do these kind of art projects all the time I would! In the above picture you can see the color difference that an oil based outdoor sealant makes. Some colors are effected more by the yellowish tint. The light pink is really changed the most, and a white would yellow. But this is the price you pay to protect from the weather! 

paint can lid flowers

 Thank you to the worlds best husband! we are using a drill press and rivets to put these together, there is some serious hardcore crafting going on here! The rivets and the tool are very inexpensive and can be ordered from amazon or picked up at a local hardware store.

Here’s a list of the colors I used from Paint Couture The Collection Sea Glass, Vera at the Ballet, Recharge, Lovely, Abundance, Spanish Sunrise, Parrot, Barbados Blue and Imagine.

paint can lid flowers on my barn

I have not made leaves yet but I may use some cans by cutting them with some tin snips to make small leaves. Then maybe slice the hose and insert and glue the leaves. Of course this would be a lot of work…maybe just wood.

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