This was a fun project my husband helped me with. We took some old doors and built a frame for them and the Bride and Groom entered through them.The frame was made from 2×4’s and the base was some shelving board 12″ wide to give it stability and to give the Bride and Groom more of a flat surface to walk across.



Don’t they look amazing inside the door frame. This was a very old friend of mines daughter named Grace and she is beautiful. The top of the doors is old pallet wood provided by her dad and we added the vines and flowers after installing the doors.
We had to transport it with the doors off because it was very heavy and awkward.

wedding_frame_tie_the_knotAlso added this painted picture frame for them to braid in the middle of the ceremony. This was used just like the lighting of the candle or mixing of the sand.


One Thought on “DIY Outdoor Wedding Doors

  1. Tammi on July 18, 2016 at 1:52 pm said:

    Can you give me very detailed instructions as to how to build this gram and mount doors? We are doing the same and trying to figure out transport and then set up. Is it necessary to have the board across the bottom for stability? We have a frame built but no board across bottom and wondering if that is problem with doors not lining up.

    Thanks so much

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