Alicia shows you how to use your Ipad to link your Instagram with your Facebook Business Page.(You will need to connect Instagram with your Facebook first)

  • Open up  your Instagram
  • Go to your profile page
  • Click on the Gear Icon beside your name up top and  that takes you to Options Page
  • Scroll down till you see Linked Account then click on it
  • Click on Facebook
  • Click Share To
  • Choose your business page
  • Then click back till you get back to your Instagram Home Page
  • Share a photo and before you click the share button make sure you chose Facebook and the picture will be posted to your business page
  • make sure it shows up on Facebook

Du Lich Da Nang

applying lacquer couture alicia slayton

I have had a lot of request for this video so please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section.

Here are the instructions from the website.

How to Apply Lacquer Couture!


Be sure the material to be lacquered has dried for at least 24 hours before applying Lacquer Couture!

1 Quart of Lacquer Couture! should cover approximately 150-175 square feet with one coat.

For increased smoothness or sheen, use 240 grit sandpaper on your work prior to starting the following procedure.  For increased smoothness, you can also sand between coats of Lacquer Couture! (use 240 grit sandpaper).

Wipe off sandpaper dust with a damp cloth or tack cloth.

Let the surface area dry.

Prior to use, stir the can (Do not Shake) of Lacquer Couture! to ensure you have a consistent product mix.

Applying Lacquer Couture!:

Note: Lacquer Couture! will look milky as you use it, but within minutes it will be clear as it dries.  You will notice how fast Lacquer Couture! lays flat, you do not have to overwork the surface area.

Apply the 1st coat of Lacquer Couture! with a quality brush, roller or sprayer.  If you spray you should be able to spray the product right from the can.  Depending on your sprayer, you may dilute Lacquer Couture! with up to 5% tap water.  Do NOT apply a thick coat; thin coats are best to achieve a beautiful and durable Lacquer look.  Lacquer Couture! will dry to the touch in about an hour and it will achieve total hardness in one day.  If it is very humid it will take longer to dry.

If a second coat is desired, allow the 1st coat to dry for at least 4 hours.  You should sand between coats (use 240 grit sandpaper).  Ideally, the room should be at normal room temperature (60-80F) with humidity lower than 75%.  Apply the 2nd coat of Lacquer Couture! with a quality brush, roller or sprayer.  Do NOT apply a thick coat, thin coats are best to achieve a beautiful and durable Lacquer look.

Clean up tools with warm, soapy water.

dry brush technique with alicia slayton

This is a dry brush painting technique that I use allot. Here I demonstrate it on a wicker basket.

  • Dip the tip of your paint brush into the color you want to dry brush with
  • Then dab the paint from the brush(this is called offloading your paint brush) onto a piece of cardboard to remove any excess paint. This is why its called Dry Brushing.
  • Then apply gentle, very light pressure over the part of your piece that you want to Dry Brush. For example gently hit the raised detail on a piece of furniture so that only the high parts get touched lightly with paint. This will bring out the details and add depth to your painted piece.

dry brush painting technique by alicia slayton

dry brush painting technique samples by alicia slaytondry brush painting technique samples2 by alicia slayton

dry brush painting technique samples 3 by alicia slayton

alicia slayton wccb tv interview1

Excited and very Nervous this was a golden opportunity to share with the viewers what I love to do. I wish there was more time to explain the things I brought but it all goes by so fast and there is no practice run either. It was only 3 minutes long and I couldn’t really get the flow of it and then it was over.



 This was a fun project my husband helped me with. We took some old doors and built a frame for them and the Bride and Groom entered through them.The frame was made from 2×4’s and the base was some shelving board 12″ wide to give it stability and to give the Bride and Groom more of a flat surface to walk across.



Don’t they look amazing inside the door frame. This was a very old friend of mines daughter named Grace and she is beautiful. The top of the doors is old pallet wood provided by her dad and we added the vines and flowers after installing the doors.
We had to transport it with the doors off because it was very heavy and awkward.

wedding_frame_tie_the_knotAlso added this painted picture frame for them to braid in the middle of the ceremony. This was used just like the lighting of the candle or mixing of the sand.